Donate to Matanya's Hope


Climb aboard!  Become a part of this exciting opportunity and share in the wonders of accomplishment. Help us breathe life back into a dying community. We invite you to join in on one of our annual trips to Kenya and meet these children yourself at the schools and see what a few willing hearts, hands, dollars and volunteers can accomplish. You can make a difference for a child’s future!

Here’s how your donation can help the children:

$1,400 Will provide 1 year of porridge for all students every school day of an entire year.
$1,500 will sponsor one child for a full year of education
$350 will purchase supplies needed for the first year of boarding school
$250 Ships one box of critically needed donated goods valued over $1,000
$100 can buy a set of much needed text books for one high school student
$75 can buy a high school uniform for one child
$84 can sponsor one month of a child's boarding school
$55 can provide one school meal a day per child for a year
$30 can buy a primary school uniform for one child
$25 can buy one mattress or a blanket and pillow for a child
$20 can buy a book bag and some basic school supplies for one elementary school child
$15 can buy a pair of SPORT shoes for one child
$30 can buy a pair of school shoes for one child
$10 can buy some basic hygiene needs for one student (toilet paper, toothbrush/tooth paste, body and laundry soap, skin oil and shoe polish

Non-cash donations are also needed to keep our administration going. Here is our wish list:

Printer paper
Working laptop computer for office use and for children (OpSys Windows XP or higher)
iPad (greatly needed)
Working Macbook for office use
USB Flash drives

Non-cash donations needed for children too:

Sports shoes and flat shoes
Sweaters & Sweatshirts
Fleece blankets
Book bags, school supplies; crayons, markers, pens, pencils, and erasers
Soccar balls, air pumps and backpacks/bookbags