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Before Matanya's Hope, many of the children we help went to sleep hungry, dressed in shredded clothes and walked with bare feet.    They slept on dirt floors without so much as a blanket or a meal to fill their stomachs. Many are orphans; they canít afford school fees or the cost of a school uniform and spend their days working in child labor instead of going to school.  

Spend a few minutes on our website leaning about who our children are, what they aspire to be and how you can help. Together, we can break the cycle of poverty through education, but we can't do it without your help.

image Tune in to every exciting moment of the mission trip to Kenya!

Click here to read Matany's Mission Trip Blog, or visit on your own later at www.journeytohelpafrica.com.

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Tajke a visual trip to Kenya with us where you can learn about Saving the World ONE CHILD AT A TIME. Take a peek as we feed children in need, deliver shoes, blankets, clothing, toothbrushes, medical supplies and more to so many who would otherwise continue to suffer without hope. Learn how you can sponsor a child - and send them to school. Hear stories directly from the children - before sponsorship - and now.

Thank you for helping to make this world a better place.


Students raise money for a life saving rainwater storage tank!

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GARAGE SALE BENEFITS MATANYA'S HOPE Over 20 children, parents and neighbors raised over $1,300 at neighborhood garage sale.

image Student Success Story

graduation   graduation

"These are the pictures I took during the graduation ceremony at Kampala University." "I am greatful for that smile I had on that day. May God bless Matanya's Hope, that you may be able to put smiles and hope on to many children."
Thank you
Kendi Kinyua, Kampala University


Mission Statement

Matanya's Hope provides academic scholarships and other life sustaining opportunities to orphaned and extraordianarily impovershed children and their communities who would otherwise have little hope of ever experiencing life outside of abject poverty.

We Welcome Your Support

The entire Matanya's Hope staff work on a volunteer basis only. Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us, or make a donation.