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Imagine a life without water, food, school, shoes… or even a bed to sleep in.  Due to the many obstacles facing Kenya’s impoverished population, it is difficult for those who need it most to become recipients of the help they need.  In addition to the lack of clean drinking water, adequate food and sanitation, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, typhoid, malaria, cholera and brucellosis traumatize the at-risk population financially, emotionally, mentally and physically.  Unfortunately, to many children in sub-Saharan Africa, this is their norm.  Between 12 and 14 million African children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. (source: World Bank/UNICEF) Matanya’s Hope works tirelessly to free the impoverished Kenyan children from the fears and misfortunes facing them.  People CAN do great things; together we are changing children’s stories from hopelessness to hope.

How to Get involved

Supporting Matanya’s Hope ensures that help is delivered to children facing difficult situations and that their voices are valued and heard.  Together, we can keep making a difference!

pick a program

rainwater tanks

43% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have safe, accessible drinking water. (source: UNICEF).  The trek to a river can take several hours to several days and the crocodiles often make retrieving water dangerous.  Upon arrival, some are so desperate that they drink from any source available; frequently this is a filthy, stagnant, brown pond breeding bacterium.  They have no choice.  They need water to drink to survive.

Providing a life-saving rainwater tank allows you to positively answer the cry of desperation for safe water.  Knowing a child can safely drink from a system we placed in their community is a miracle.  Matanya’s Hope has dedicated more than fifty 10,000-liter rainwater storage tanks at orphanages, schools, medical centers without access to safe water, and other key community locations.  We seek your help to continue our life-changing work.  Your GIFT OF ANY AMOUNT – big or small – will make a vast difference in helping those in need of safe water.  You can be sure that your gift will have helped minimize the loss of lives.

We are so fortunate to be able to select the delivery of hot, warm or cold water with the turn of a handle.  Yet, for our children in Kenya, the nearest clean water source may be more than 40 miles from their home.  Your gift of hope through the provision of life saving rainwater storage tanks saves lives!

$450 could provide a small rainwater storage tank for a private homestead
$1,500 could provide a 10,000-liter Life Saving Rainwater Storage Tank for an orphanage, school, medical center or other community center in need.


Our first playground was placed in 2018 at a rural school in Kenya.  The entire school population raced outside to witness the colorful equipment as it was carried onto their compound.  Most amazing were the squeals of delight coming from 8th grade boys who (along with the rest of the students) had never seen such an apparatus.  Used to playing with soccer balls made from trash and broken pieces of plastic or even mud as toys, the gift of a swing set invites new found creativity, exercise and years of enjoyment!

$1,200 could provide a small playground with swings, ladder & slide
$3,000 could provide a large playground with swings, climbing wall, slide, cross walk & more

Build a house

Through special donors we have been able to build 4 homes for 4 different families.  Sometimes, we encounter such deplorable conditions and have been able to connect with donors to build a completely new, safe and secure structure.  (PHOTO) Note the rusted hut; wind threatens to blow the shelter over.  Children enter and exit the sharp, rusted iron sheet doorway.  An open fire burns on the dirt floor and fills the house with smoke.  This is all the family has to rely upon for cooking and warmth.  Three steps in through the doorway is as far as one can go.  There is no electricity and no running water.  Rains pour through the rusted roof.  Tell tales signs of repairs made in desperation are everywhere.   (PHOTO) Today, thanks to the collective donations of corporations and individuals, this family is safe in their new home.  Even the Matanya’s Hope university students pitched in to help pour the concrete floors and build the walls defining the sitting room, kitchen and two bedrooms.  Thanks to more donations, the kitchen shelves are now lined with cookware and staple food.  It’s amazing what we can do when we work together!  Contact us to get involved.

$500 could provide wood, nails and labor for construction
$1,000 could provide the concrete floor
$2,000 could provide metal roofing
$5,000 could provide support beams and labor
$10,000 could provide a simple, adequate two roomed home
$20,000 could support the building of a 5 room / 2-bedroom single family home

Build a Classroom

25 children walk miles from their village in sub-Saharan Africa.  Through mountain and valley, they trek for 2 hours until they reach a solitary mango tree within the barren field, they call school.  Their skin and tattered clothing are covered with the dust of the earth.  Their calloused feet are bare.   One stub of a pencil is passed between many.  A stick is the chalk and the barren earth is the board.  Most will have to practice their work in the dirt.

School begins at 10.  Earlier than that poses a risk to these children who must trek across the same valleys where wild cats hunt.  By noon, the sun is so hot that heatwaves are visible, and shade no longer offers any solitude.  Towering cyclones of powdered earth rise to the sky, beating the student’s bodies.  Thirst is imminent.  Learning is assaulted, yet they press on.  One student explains: “Education is our way out of poverty.”

The Matanya’s Hope classroom project initiative is helping young children like these attain a safe, conducive place to learn.  The classroom protects these children from the onslaught of heat, wind, rain and dust storms while equipping them with desks and chairs and a wall to wall blackboard.

Your gift of a classroom can transform the lives of many!

$400 could provide 10 desks
$1,000 could provide the concrete classroom floor
$2,000 could provide 50 desks
$4,500 could provide the upper walls and roof for the classroom
$25,000 could support the building of an entire classroom

Ol Tumke 8th Grade Classroom desperately needed


Since the start of our mission in 2005, we have witnessed thousands of barefooted children, dressed in torn and tattered clothing, hungry, cold, without a single pencil to write with.  The Matanya’s Hope shipping program last year alone, shipped 3.3 tons of donated items to children and their communities in need.  Imagine the lives changed when instead of having to walk barefooted over thorns and burning soil, a child is given a pair of shoes.  Imagine, instead of writing with a stick atop the dusty earth, now being able to learn with paper, pens, pencils… and a book bag to carry supplies.  Imagine having a warm jacket to protect your body during the cold Kenyan nights… and a blanket to cover with for the very first time.  Our shipping program depends on two kinds of donations: material (for distribution) and financial (to help us transport the items to those most in need).   We need your help.

$250 could ship one 18 X 24 X 24 box of 100+ lbs of donations

school supplies

It was June 2005 when I caught a glimpse of a little girl seated alone, outdoors under a tree at a rural Kenyan school.  Her quiet demeanor drew me in; she appeared to be drawing in the dirt with a stick.  I approached tenderly.  This child was not drawing at all; she was studying her math on the only paper she had, with the only pencil available: earth and stick.  Something happened to me that day and it changed the course of my life.  Your donations will help Matanya’s Hope continue to provide thousands of pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, highlighters, books and so much more to students in need throughout Kenya.

Sponsor a child

Only 57% of African children are enrolled in primary education and one in three does not complete school. (source: Africa 2015) Matanya’s Hope students begin life in variety of settings.  Some are orphans and are forced to scavenge the streets for food; their lives are under a constant threat of humiliation, trouble and shame.  Others in our program live with loving parents in extreme poverty; they cannot afford food (and some cannot afford shelter).  Such poverty renders school fees or even the purchase of a single pencil cost prohibitive.


When Matanya’s Hope discovered a 10-year-old orphaned boy, in 2007, he was desperate, weak and hungry.  He appeared to us barefooted, dressed in dirty rags, barely covering his flesh covered bones.  In just one year after sponsorship, I cried when I realized that our Mwangi was that vivacious boy performing for me, singing and dancing with his classmates!  Today, the story gets even better!  He is completing university and will soon be able to job hunt and to provide for himself and to end the cycle of poverty which has ensnared him for so long.

Education is important worldwide!  Help Matanya’s Hope reach the orphaned and impoverished children of Kenya with the gift of schooling.  Together we can change more lives like Mwangi’s!  Sponsor a child and become a channel of hope.

$100 could provide 1 month of room and board for a university student
$125 could provide 1 month of support for 1 child’s boarding school education
$200 could provide 2 months room and board for a university student
$600 could provide a full year of lunch for a university student
$750 could provide ½ year support for 1 child’s boarding school education
*$1,500 could provide 1 year of boarding school fees, books, room and board
$2,500 could provide 1 year of university school fees

porridge program

7-year-old Leto works long hours every day in a small village in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.  Carrying her 1-year-old brother on her hips, she begins her day hungry, trekking miles to collect water from a distant river and then finally, washing the family’s dirty clothing by hand.  Their dung and ash hut has no electricity and no plumbing.  After returning from doing laundry, Leto hangs the washed clothing on trees and posts and sets out to collect dry branches.  She will use these to stoke a fire for warmth and cooking.  Leto endures the smoke-filled hut, hoping that her father will return from work with food for her to cook.  He doesn’t.

With your support, Matanya’s Hope provides a porridge program at Leto’s school where she and 200 other students enjoy the only meal they will eat that day.  These children have become a part of the Matanya’s Hope family.  Today, our Porridge Program feeds children at 5 different schools throughout Kenya, reaching more than 2,000 children every day of school!   And because of our feeding programs, these schools continue to see an increase in enrollment!  It is your support which will help us reach more precious children just like Leto.

A gift of food is no small gift; it relieves hunger pains, strengthens the mind and provides emotional security.

$360 could provide a years’ worth of food for a family of 4
$1,500 could provide porridge for an entire school for one year!

Your gift will help Matanya’s Hope deliver fresh, nutritious food and the gift of hope to so many in desperate need.

uniforms and shoes

Many of our photos capture images of barefooted children dressed in torn and tattered uniforms; these uniforms have been passed down from child to child….

Your generous support directly impacts these children’s lives.  The provision of uniforms and shoes also gives us the opportunity to share a greater love for each child and to begin to heal histories of abandonment, lack and abuse.  It is an honor to partner with you and to bring children the message of renewed hope together.

$75 could provide a full uniform for 1 student
$100 could provide a full uniform and shoes for 1 student


One of the best ways to bridge a culture is to become connected.  To serve means KNOWING, first hand, what it is these communities need.  It means developing relationships and listening to the pouring out of heart and spirit.  It means reaching their children with hope and love… and providing urgent relief such as food, safe water, classrooms, medical supplies, and education.

Children here have so little.  Many don’t own underwear or have access to even the most basic hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap.  Matanya’s Hope ships more than 3 tons of relief supplies to Kenya and personally distributes them needy communities throughout the country.  There is little that compares to the joy I felt when seeing a child race to brush their teeth … or to put on their first pair of shoes.  Yes, these are material items; but the connection made possible through these gifts breaks barriers and grows hope.  This is just the beginning of our work.

Through your support, we are currently feeding more than 2,000 children every school day at 5 different schools throughout Kenya.  During distribution, we make personal contact with each child.  We learn of need, of problems and we come together to discuss solutions.  For schools like Matanya Primary, we were able to address the drought by planting trees and placing multiple 10,000-liter rainwater storage tanks on location to serve the children.  For Ole Tumuke, we were able to construct a classroom and provide a place to learn.  We’ve provided soccer balls, playgrounds and lots and lots of smiles.  If we were not there on mission, this would not, could not happen.

“Be life long or short, its completeness depends on what it was lived for.”  David Starr Jordan, American Educator, president of Indiana University and founding president of Stanford University USA.

Share with those in deep need.  Matanya’s Hope and the children we serve rely upon your donations.

Get involved.  Help a child.  We are as strong as the people who stand with us.

Matanya’s Hope Children say THANK YOU!

Your support is vital to making every outreach we are involved in possible.  With your help, we are feeding thousands of hungry children, providing medical care to those who desperately need it, educating hundreds of children who would have otherwise been forced to work in the fields, and impacting countless lives every day through the message of hope and love.

Whether you are giving a special gift for the first time or giving to Matanya’s Hope as an annual family tradition, you are making a difference in someone’s life!  Thank you for helping us reach those who are hurting in Kenya and Tanzania.  Let the world see us as ONE.

Deliver hope to a child’s heart today!
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