The Matanya’s Hope Porridge Program is a life changing program located within 4 rural schools where children often endure 2–4 days without a single meal.

I know that I get quite irritable when I’m hungry and haven’t yet eaten.  How do you feel when you’ve missed a meal?

Severe hunger negatively impacts the mind and body. Yet, in Kenya, thousands of children go without a daily meal. Every 3.6 seconds, someone in this world dies because of hunger and 75% of those people are CHILDREN.  WE can change this.

Matanya’s Hope brings daily nutritional sustenance to hungry children through our porridge program.  Since we started this program in 2009, school attendance has risen from 75% to 98%. This increase in attendance is a direct result of providing a hot meal for these kids.

Your donation of $1,500 will provide daily porridge for 250 hungry children every day of school. Today Matanya's Hope feeds more than 2,000 hungry children at 5 remote primary schools and 1 orphanage every day of school.

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