It’s 4 in the afternoon and the work day isn’t over for our Kenyan children.  After walking miles home from school, they put their homework aside and head out with bare feet and jerry cans in tow.  They are ready to make the trek to the river where they’ll gather brown, bacteria-ridden water for their families. Once filled, the jerry can weighs 40 lbs.  Added to walking barefooted and hungry, our children carry up to two 40 lb jerry cans at a time.  Then there is drought.  
All that remains of once flourishing rivers is cracked riverbeds, leaving communities with no water in sight. The only option is walking for days in search of hydration.

How Can You Help?

By purchasing a Life Saving Rainwater Storage Tank, you can save lives. Its simple design allows families to harvest water from an iron sheet roof, eliminating the long walk, heavy load to carry, and the consumption of animal and disease-infested water.

How It Works:

As it rains, water travels down the ridges of the roof and flows into the gutter, drains through a sieve to filter out debris and it begins filling the Life Saving Rainwater Storage Tank. The water is then accessible through a secured spigot. For no cost at all to the family, they can harvest and store up to 10,000 liters of safe drinking water through this system!

The Price to Save a Life

A life is priceless. But, giving access to better health is a valuable contribution to humanity.

3,000 Liter = $450

4,000 Liter = $600

6,000 Liter = $900

10,000 Liter = $1,500

Please note that prices will vary depending on exchange rates, location and manufacturer costs.

Are You ready to help?

Every little bit helps. If you’re looking to give the life giving hope of water to a family, orphanage, school, hospital or to an entire community, please contact us today to learn more about Matanya’s Hope’s Life Saving Rainwater Storage Tanks.

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