About Us

Every child deserves an opportunity for a brighter future. And, with the help of Matanya’s Hope, a non-profit organization based both in Kenya, East Africa and in the United States, orphaned and underprivileged children have a better chance at achieving their dreams through education and life-sustaining programs.

Mission Statement

Matanya’s Hope strives to provide academic scholarships and life-sustaining opportunities to impoverished children and their communities in Kenya and in neighboring countries of East Africa. Our goal is to give hope to those who otherwise do not see an end to abject poverty.

Vision Statement

Matanya’s Hope is an international leader in empowering self-sustainability in needy communities with a primary focus on overcoming poverty through education.

A Note From Our Founder

No one knew how my life was going to change fourteen years ago when I traveled to Kenya to celebrate my father's 70th birthday. The beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife stole my heart, but they were a small part of the story. I found myself unable to refrain from breaking when I came face to face with some of the most beautiful children who could not attend school regularly (or at all) due to their inability to pay fees. I stood in a dirt floored, archaic wooden classroom at an impoverished rural school with no electricity, no bathrooms, hardly a book, no devises and children who shared the absolute stubs of pencils because it was all they had….and I cried. Most of the children had not eaten the night before and only the lucky ones had a cup of black tea that morning. The school had no running water. A dusty field riddled with sharp thorns and jagged rocks was their playground….and most of the children played barefooted. I struggled to understand how these hungry, thirsty kids could grow and compete in today's world. And it was in that very setting that Matanya's Hope was born. Out of a sea of hundreds of hungry, orphaned and impoverished children, we chose four. Just four. And before I returned to America, this precious group prepared for an esteemed new life in boarding school. I vowed to write to each of these students, to learn about their needs, their dreams, their challenges… and to walk by their side through their academic processes. I never would have dreamed that this heartfelt start would lead to more than 200 precious students sponsored annually. I have devoted the last 14 years to growing this support to include feeding more than 2,000 hungry children daily at impoverished schools, installing rainwater catchment systems to provide safe water where there is lack, and providing 3.3 tons of school supplies, books, bibles, clothes, blankets, shoes and so much more to thousands in need. Today we celebrate students who have graduated university as nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, economists, accountants, international chefs, engineers, and teachers. I have given up life’s comforts to do this work but have witnessed more growth in my soul than I ever could have imagined. Please join me and Matanya’s Hope on this life changing journey. Whether you join us in Kenya or help support our ongoing work from your home, there are a plethora of ways you can contribute. See our website for details, and of course, feel free to reach out to me any time. [email protected]

Michelle Stark