You Can Make a Difference!

Rainwater Tanks

Because many families in rural Kenya must walk great distances to carry jugs of unfiltered water, we have arranged for donated rain water storage systems to be installed in drought prone areas. Ranging from three to ten thousand gallons, these tanks can save lives.

It’s 4 in the afternoon and the work day isn’t over for our Kenyan children.  After walking miles home from school, they put their homework aside and head out with bare feet and jerry cans in tow.  They are ready to make the trek to the river where they’ll gather brown, bacteria-ridden water for their families. Once filled, the jerry can weighs 40 lbs.  Added to walking barefooted and hungry, our children carry up to two 40 lb jerry cans at a time.

Then there is drought.

All that remains of once flourishing rivers is cracked riverbeds, leaving communities with no water in sight. The only option is walking for days in search of hydration.

How Can You Help?

By purchasing a Life Saving Rainwater Storage Tank, you can save lives. Its simple design allows families to harvest water from an iron sheet roof, eliminating the long walk, heavy load to carry, and the consumption of animal and disease-infested water.

How It Works:

As it rains, water travels down the ridges of the roof and flows into the gutter, drains through a sieve to filter out debris and it begins filling the Life Saving Rainwater Storage Tank. The water is then accessible through a secured spigot. For no cost at all to the family, they can harvest and store up to 10,000 liters of safe drinking water through this system!

The Price to Save a Life

A life is priceless. But, giving access to better health is a valuable contribution to humanity.

3,000 liter = $450
4,000 liter = $600
6,000 liter = $900
10,000 liter = $1,500

Please note that prices will vary depending on exchange rates, location and manufacturer costs.

Are You ready to help?

Every little bit helps. If you’re looking to give the life giving hope of water to a family, orphanage, school, hospital or to an entire community, please contact us today to learn more about Matanya’s Hope’s Life Saving Rainwater Storage Tanks.

Who’s Helping

We welcome young people, students, small groups, teachers, religious groups and others to join us in our mission outreach.  Together we make a difference!  Matanya’s Hope will provide helpful documentation and footage on DVD, representing the in-depth challenges faced by this third world country.  (small shipping charge for DVD).

Anyone can help! Matanya’s Hope is proud to have volunteers of all ages! Enjoy these stories of students who volunteer their time to make a difference for our kids.

Hamilton South Eastern High School World Connections Club

More information coming soon!

Homewood Flossmoor High School National Honor Society

Volunteering for Matanya’s Hope offers a broad perspective to world issues and a chance to help others in need.  National Honor Society students gained required service hours while helping Matanya’s Hope.  “It becomes personal when you realize that the students you are helping have names and they are really just like you.”

“While I have volunteered for several local organizations,” NHS student Lauryn tells us. “I never imagined that the chance to help those in a third-world country could be in my own backyard. I’ve learned that I can’t take for granted what I have because it could have really easily been me in that position. It is just by chance that I was born here and the Kenyan children we are helping were born into a life filled with extreme hunger and poverty.”

Badger Basketball Player Helps Underprivileged Children in Africa

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Alana Trotter, took a 10-day mission trip to Kenya with Matanya’s Hope. In honor of her late brother, Aleksas, Alana stayed with Kenyan families, learned about their culture, and interacted personally with Matanya’s Hope students.

Kids Making a Difference

Five students – Kailey, Brogan, Sienna, Zach, and Aram – proved that kids can make a difference too. The group raised money for Vincent, a sponsored student their own age from rural Kenya.

“We are all working to save an incredibly bright student in Kenya, named Vincent Murithi, from hunger and the lack of education,” they wrote. “When we heard Vincent’s story, we realized how privileged we are. Some mornings we wake up not feeling up for school, yet Vincent wakes up every morning dreaming to be in school. We decided as a team to do whatever it takes to make sure that Vincent has the opportunity to attend a good school in his home country, Kenya.”


With our comprehensive internship program, we can help prepare students with the life skills and experience they will need in their professional lives. Many students who plan on working for non-profit agencies in the future seek out mission work to prepare them for aid work in the near future.

Being a part of something bigger than yourself is a rewarding experience. And, as an intern at Matanya’s Hope, we offer students an opportunity of a lifetime to better the lives of other youths.

Mission and Goals

As an international, education advocacy group with a focus in human rights and education, Matanya’s Hope is an accredited nongovernmental organization working in a consultative status with United States and Kenya-based academic institutions.

During the course of our internship, participants will learn about the drastic risks that Kenyan children face every day and have the opportunity to play a role in researching and spearheading efforts to improve the lives of those affected. Efforts include: changing deforestation, addressing the lack of education and academic opportunity, studying the impact of female genital mutilation and forced early marriage, among others.


Matanya’s Hope is looking for students who are independent and looking to contribute to the betterment of the lives of impoverished children in Kenya.

We invite junior, senior, and higher education students in the following study areas to apply: Education, social work, art, journalism, non-profit sectors, grant writing, environmental studies.


Helpful skills include: Organization, writing, computer, communication, fund raising, social media outreach

Current Positions

We offer domestic internships for the fall and winter/spring semesters and Kenya internships for the summer semester.

Want to Become an Intern with Matanya’s Hope?

We are so happy you are interested in joining our efforts! For more information, please contact:

Michelle Stark
Matanya’s Hope
P.O. Box 562
Homewood, IL 60430-4013

Porridge Program

The children Matanya’s Hope serve in rural Kenya often endure 2-3 days without food.  Our porridge program now serves more than 2000 hungry children at 5 remote schools in Kenya.  These schools have seen a dramatic increase in attendance, directly related to the porridge program.  They come to eat, and they learn, too!  A $1,500-dollar donation could supply fresh, hot porridge for 250 school children every school of day of the year.

The Matanya’s Hope Porridge Program is a life changing program located within 4 rural schools where children often endure 2–4 days without a single meal.

I know that I get quite irritable when I’m hungry and haven’t yet eaten.  How do you feel when you’ve missed a meal?

Severe hunger negatively impacts the mind and body. Yet, in Kenya, thousands of children go without a daily meal. Every 3.6 seconds, someone in this world dies because of hunger and 75% of those people are CHILDREN.  WE can change this.

Matanya’s Hope brings daily nutritional sustenance to hungry children through our porridge program.  Since we started this program in 2009, school attendance has risen from 75% to 98%. This increase in attendance is a direct result of providing a hot meal for these kids.

Your donation of $1,500 will provide daily porridge for 250 hungry children every day of school. Today Matanya’s Hope feeds more than 2,000 hungry children at 5 remote primary schools and 1 orphanage every day of school.

Sponsor a Porridge Program today!

Build a House or a Classroom

In addition to drought and food scarcity, many families are struggling to provide safe and effective housing. By donating and volunteering or this program, you can help build happy homes for rural families in need. Health and happiness start with a solid home that provides for the family. Help us in making a huge difference in people’s lives.

Build a House

No matter how uncertain life seems, we can raise hope for a family by providing a safe home for them to live in.  This unique act of kindness can help change an entire family’s story.  When despair is knocking at the gate, this gift says: we hear; we care.  It’s going to be ok.  And then together, we build.

This is a perfect project to undertake as an individual, family or mission team.  You and/or your team will not only be able to raise the funds, but you’ll get the hands-on satisfaction of helping to build the home for a family in need.  This priceless experience is elevated to new heights by working alongside the very family receiving the home.

Cost of a home build ranges from $10,000 to $15,000