Because many families in rural Kenya must walk great distances to carry jugs of unfiltered water, we have arranged for donated rain water storage systems to be installed in drought prone areas. Ranging from three to ten thousand gallons, these tanks can save lives.

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Who’s Helping

We welcome young people, students, small groups, teachers, religious groups and others to join us in our mission outreach.  Together we make a difference!  Matanya’s Hope will provide helpful documentation and footage on DVD, representing the in-depth challenges faced by this third world country.  (small shipping charge for DVD).

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With our comprehensive internship program, we can help prepare students with the life skills and experience they will need in their professional lives. Many students who plan on working for non-profit agencies in the future seek out mission work to prepare them for aid work in the near future.

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Porridge Program

The children Matanya’s Hope serve in rural Kenya often endure 2-3 days without food.  Our porridge program now serves more than 2000 hungry children at 5 remote schools in Kenya.  These schools have seen a dramatic increase in attendance, directly related to the porridge program.  They come to eat, and they learn, too!  A $1,500-dollar donation could supply fresh, hot porridge for 250 school children every school of day of the year.

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Build a House or a Classroom

In addition to drought and food scarcity, many families are struggling to provide safe and effective housing. By donating and volunteering or this program, you can help build happy homes for rural families in need. Health and happiness start with a solid home that provides for the family. Help us in making a huge difference in people’s lives.

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This year alone, Matanya’s Hope shipped 3.5 tons of educational supplies, blankets, shoes, clothing, hygiene supplies, medical supplies, bibles, and so much more to distribute to the children and their communities in Kenya.  Every year, we must raise $250 per 100+ lb box of these supplies.  The magic is in the supplies donated which are valued far above the cost of shipping.   Help us keep the magic going.  Donate today.

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Playground Program

In places where survival must come before education, many school aged children are not provided with the stimulating play equipment they need to develop into promising adults. By building lasting structures that young children can use for years to come, we hope to help these children become happier and healthier.

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go on a mission

One of the most successful parts of our mission is our volunteer programs. We offer accommodations and meals for all of our volunteers as they help bring life to communities and rebuild communities. Uplifting families in need can be extremely rewarding and satisfying for anyone who want to help.

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