Join Matanya’s Hope on a Humanitarian Mission Trip

Join Matanya’s Hope on our annual Humanitarian Mission to Kenya for the experience of a lifetime. You will cross the equator, drive along the Great Rift Valley, and turn your eyes to the famous Maasai Mara, featured on Animal Planet, National Geographic and so many other nature channels.

Furthermore, you will have wonderful opportunities to get to know people from each area with invitations to join them for tea, for song and sometimes for a meal. You will be invited to learn the ways of the nomadic Maasai people who herd their cattle among the mighty beasts of the savannah. At dusk and dawn, the sun dapples the landscape with a myriad of colors and the night brings ebony skies, twinkling lights and the calls of the wild. The famous parks and reserves of the Maasai Mara mark you as an explorer while the children of each destination find a way into your heart forever.

There is something about this trip that can make you forget all of your own sorrows and feel as if you have the power to help the world – and indeed, you do. Click Here to read about past Matanya’s Hope Mission trips. For general information about Kenya click here.


  • Private ground transportation to each of our destinations
  • Family accommodations throughout (with occasional hotel stays if needed)
  • Breakfast and dinner with host families along with restaurant dining interspersed
  • Lunch – Experience an array of Kenyan flavors and culture va