You can change the life of a child in Kenya today. By sponsoring a child, you can aid them directly with your support.  Matanya’s Hope is a world leader in providing academic scholarships, life sustaining opportunities, education and more. You can be the change for orphaned children and those living in poverty.

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By sponsoring a child through Matanya’s Hope, you help change the world from hopeless to hope in someone’s life.  Sponsorship provides an orphaned or deeply impoverished child in East Africa with a chance to go to school while at the same time, improving lives through the distribution of some of life’s most basic needs.

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Supporting Matanya’s Hope ensures that help is delivered to children facing difficult situations and that their voices are valued and heard.  Together, we can keep making a difference!

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Every impoverished child matters and you can help eradicate poverty—one child at a time. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, contact us today.

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